Monday, January 26, 2009


I played my favorite music through your earphones to lure you
to share with you the dull droning,
to show you the potential for clip.
I made you come to me,
and you did: repeatedly.
You lay your sick mouth against mine
and the sad slow moments passed between us 
like two tug boats in an empty harbor,
drifting away.
In waiting I tormented myself constantly,
like a deep pond stirs in a storm
churning, thrashing
stretching out luridly
lapping at my own shores
waiting for you as if
you were the lightning strike.
and you were.
You slashed into me deeply, splitting the curtain
and entering
silently, stealthily
crashing to the core.
Illuminating the insides thoroughly
I grasped desperately at the electricity
as it passed between us
and then you were gone again
with my surface still quivering
and all the fish dead.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

take it all back

your red mouth a round circle against my ear
whispering your in-between things during the
dark times
the make believe times.
I always knew the great truth of us,
that we were listening in clip that
it couldn't sustain
but I pushed further.
You asked me to Leap!
and I resisted,
but there is no great sadness,
there are no lessons to be had here.
life is a fragile ever changing arrangement
and you have become a quiet memory
that lurks in misplaced polaroids and
voicemails that were never deleted.