Thursday, September 18, 2008


Onyx and I in our plantation
on our new stone porch.
each of us enjoying this new thing
in our different ways.
She, in the sun curled up calmly,
observing quietly what she can
of the world.
Some invisible chain holds the two of us together,
which isn't love but could be either the beginning
or the end of love.
A quiet tolerance touched lightly by disdain
or resentment.
I, forever on the other side of
the stone wall, legs curled up quietly
letting the beer warm up
and the food cool down.
Wondering which old wound will fly open next,
which will seep pus through my clothing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008



on days like this life falls apart.
neutral milk hotel against
slate grey skies
and I wish I could answer everything you
have ever asked of me including,
What are you doing?

I heard the party line last night
from a person I trust for no reason
I’ve noticed that people who want to keep me
to themselves
are the ones who tell me this the most.

“Everyone has told me that you are
really crazy.”

I will one day build
the architecture of the world
using only my words.

And this crazy will eat you

Girls like us are always just
biding our time.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

one call from you always changes everything


I. in a city far away
your ping has finally answered my ping
and the two sounds lay softly together
I’m wondering if I can’t write anymore
because I’m out of things to say to you.

II. she used to watch over me
with her deep brown eyes.
I used to lay down with her and inhale.
cry into her.
I waited too long
and it was the most painful betrayal.

III. you may have brought up an excellent point.
how many bottles of vodka HAVE I gone through this week??

IV. you are too much work,
you have been killing me.
“I thought there was something different about you,
you are not being weighed down anymore…”

V. you, me and her.
and then in the morning, you were still there.
and here we are.
making faces in the dark.